Sugar Thief (kestral_kitsune) wrote in jrock_fanart,
Sugar Thief

Jrocker.jpg, Miyavihizumi.jpg

Random jrockers.. gonna add more its for a request and I need to change these to to make them more recgonizable.

Base off of a rp from here
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shini a-likey da sketches Kestral_Kitsune dids.. ^ ^

umm... how can shini show da LiveJournal bruddahs some of shini's drawings? *tilts head* o.O
you use photobucket and i use the code <*img src=*link for he image.*>
with out the *'s and the actual link
and thanks for likeing them!
yah shini just figured it out .. XD

..and it np!! ^ ^